2nd UNIDIA Conference

Schedule of the II UNIDIA Conference February 26-27, 2022

February 26

10.00 - Setting up an Instagram profile and promoting it. Lisa Conon.
13.00 - Technology of making a porcelain doll. Olga Sidorova
15.00 - Features of anatomy in children's portraits. Alexander Spiridonov.

February 27

10.00 - Manufacturing technology of the author's bird. Natalia Voronina
13.00 - The history of fashion of the Italian Renaissance. 15th century dress. Olga Sidorova
15.00 - Virginia Ropars' secrets of craftsmanship. Virginia Ropars

All lectures will be available in Russian and English.
All materials are available throughout the year, including future ones, from the spring 2022 conference.

The review will be available in Russian and English.

You can take part in the conference by choosing a package Listener.

You can also buy a ticket for lessons on

Answers on questions:
❓Who will be lecturing?
✔️ The conference will be attended only by high-class specialists, professionals in their field. 
❓ What will be the topics?
✔️ We have selected the most relevant topics that excite every doll master.
Any puppeteer, regardless of experience, education and skill level, will find something useful for himself at these lectures. For many, they will provide invaluable knowledge.
❓ What language will the lessons be in?
✔️ All materials will be available in Russian and English.
❓ Where can I see the materials?
✔️ On the Unidia.art website, you can not only watch the lesson in real time, but also ask the master questions.
All lessons will be available on record. You can return to them many times.
❓How can I watch Unidia materials if I am not a member of the union?
✔️ Anyone can subscribe on the Unidia website by choosing the "Listener" package. You will have access to the materials for a year.
❓ How many such events are planned to be held per year?
✔️ We have planned two conferences for the coming year. Your subscription will work on both.

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