Anastasia Goleneva

Anastasia Goleneva



Anastasia Goleneva

Brief autobiography

Higher education, artist, fashion designer, in the 5th year of the institute, the course in composition was taught by Vyacheslav Zaitsev., The diploma was defended in his fashion house.
For 15 years she worked in the production of fashionable women's clothing.
After the birth of her second son, she left work and discovered the world of dolls.
I have been creating dolls since 2013
The most favorite material is white cotton (coarse calico).
I am working on creating new shapes and new textures in a textile doll.

Education, awards, achievements

in 2014 she created the online project School of Textile Dolls.
Conducted over 150 free master classes and recorded about 100 video courses.
More than 6,000 students around the world.
Participant of international puppet exhibitions: Doll Art, Doll Time, Autumn Salon, etc.
Member of the Union of Artists of Decorative and Applied Arts
Prize-winner at the international competition Pandora Platinum 2019

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