About the competition for joining the International Union of Artistic Doll Authors "UNIDIA"

  1.   General Provisions

1.1. This Regulation regulates the status and procedure for holding a competition for membership in the International Union of Authors of the Artistic Doll "Unidia" (hereinafter the Competition).
1.2. The organizers of the Competition are the Association of Artistic Puppet Authors “Unidia” and DOO “ZenaPro”.
1.3. This Regulation establishes the procedure for holding the Competition, requirements for participants, criteria for selecting winners and is valid until the completion of competitive events.

  1. Objectives of the Competition

2.1. Purpose of the Competition: admission of applicants to the union

  1. Dates of the Competition

3.1. The competition is held quarterly, every 10th day of the first month of the quarter.
The results of the competition are announced every 10th day of the second month of the quarter.
3.2. The Organizing Committee accepts applications for participation in the Competition of the established form (Questionnaire) from registered Applicants.
3.3. The results of the competition are summed up by the Organizing Committee within the framework of the Competition.

  1. Conditions for participation in the Competition

4.1. Only those contestants who have completed the application form and provided confirmation of payment in accordance with the terms of the Contest are eligible to participate in the Contest. 

4.2. To participate in the Competition, it is necessary to prepare and submit to the Organizing Committee within three months:

- media materials (photo, video) of the competition work;
- description.

4.3. This regulation establishes an entrance fee of 24 €, which entitles you to two attempts to join the Union. The author must exercise this right within six months. 

4.4. Technical requirements for works:

- Photos in jpg format, the size of one file should not exceed 2 MB, the size is not less than 1920 * 1280 for horizontal and 1280 * 1920 for vertical images;

- The total amount of applications in electronic form should not exceed 50 MB.

4.5. Other requirements for work:

- Competition works - must correspond to the declared theme of the Competition and be sent within the time period established by the rules. In case of non-compliance with this condition, the work is suspended from participation in the Competition.


  1. The procedure for organizing and holding the Competition

5.1. To conduct the Competition, an Organizing Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Organizing Committee) is formed for the purpose of expert evaluation of competitive works, determining the winners of the Competition.
5.2. The composition of the Organizing Committee is determined for each Competition separately.
5.3. The Organizing Committee includes members of the Unidia union with the status of Maestro and Master.
5.4. Competition works are accepted by the Organizing Committee of the Competition before the respective established dates.
5.5. Competition works submitted after the deadline for admission are not considered and are not allowed to participate in the Competition.
5.6. All competitive works submitted for the Competition must not have been submitted earlier for participation in other competitions and exhibitions.


  1. The procedure for determining the winners of the Competition and their rewarding

6.1. All submitted works are evaluated by the Organizing Committee according to the following criteria:

- compliance of the work with the declared topic of the competition;

- disclosure of the content of the theme of the Competition;

- novelty of idea, originality, creativity and skill.

6.2. The works are evaluated on a point system by the members of the Organizing Committee - on a scale from 1 to 10 points for each of the criteria. The decision of the Organizing Committee is based on the average score received by the work, and is drawn up in the form of a protocol signed by the head of the Organizing Committee.
6.3. The Organizing Committee of the Competition has the right to reject the submitted works if they do not comply with the terms of these Regulations.
6.4. The results of the Competition are announced after the meeting of the organizing committee.
6.5. According to the results of the Competition, the winners are admitted to the Union of Unidia in the status of a Master.
6.6. At the discretion of the organizers of the competition, the winners may be invited to participate in other information and image events.
6.7. All accepted works of authorship in nominations will take part in an open online exhibition following the results of the Competition.


  1. Use of Competition Entries

7.1. The works (photo / video materials) of the participants can be used for the following purposes:

- placement in international, federal and regional media (television, print press, Internet);

- placement on the official websites and information pages of the Unidia Association.

  1. Other conditions

8.1. The transfer by the participant of photo / video materials of the competition work in accordance with these Regulations means the full and unconditional consent of the participant with the conditions of the Competition.

8.2. In the event of claims, claims and claims of third parties, including copyright holders and related rights to the submitted work, the participant undertakes to resolve them on his own behalf and at his own expense. 

8.3. All disputes and disagreements that may arise from this Regulation on the competition or in connection with it, should be resolved as far as possible through negotiations in writing. If it is impossible to resolve disputes and disagreements through negotiations, they are subject to consideration in the arbitration court at the location of the Association, in Spain.

8.4. Neither Party shall be liable to the other Party for failure to fulfill obligations caused by circumstances that arose against the will and wishes of the Parties that could not have been foreseen or avoided, including declared or actual war, civil unrest, epidemics, earthquakes, floods, fires and other natural disasters, actions of state or municipal authorities and other insurmountable circumstances. The Party that does not fulfill its obligation due to force majeure must notify the other Party of the obstacle and its effect on the fulfillment of obligations without delay, but no later than 3 (three) days from the moment of the occurrence of these circumstances. The Party that has not notified the other Party about the impossibility of fulfilling its obligations under this agreement loses the right to refer to such impossibility

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