Virginie Ropars

Virginie Ropars



Virginie Ropars

Краткая автобиография

Born in Brittany (France) in 1976. Virginie Ropars’s figures are in between sculpture, fashion design and illustration, building up visions sometimes full of wonders, other times strange and gloomy where femininity took alway the main place. An inner world she primary expressed in drawings while she worked as a 2D/3D graphic artist for computer games and TV cartoon industry.

Virginie’s work is shown throughout Europe in art galleries and art shows and also in United States and Russia.

Her work has been featured in many magazines and publications. Her dimensional interpretation of Brom’s main character Jack, in The Plucker novel won the Spectrum 19 Gold Award (in 2012), she also received the Spectrum 20 Gold Award (in 2013) for one of her personal work, Acanthophis III.

Aside from her personal works, she often collaborate with other artists, mainly illustrators, as Brian Froud, Olivier Ledroit, Barbara Canepa, Jean-Sébastien Rossbach, Brom on some special dimensional works.

She currently lives and works in Brittany.

Образование, награды, достижения

—Beautiful Bizarre Magazine international Art Prize — — (AUSTRALIA) – Finalist sculpture category 2021
—TROLLS ET LEGENDES — — (BELGIQUE) Troll of gold for the whole exhibition 2019
—SPECTRUM 24- the best in contemporary fantastic art- — (USA) nomination dimensional category. 2017
—NORWESCON — — (USA) guest of honor pick 2014
—NORWESCON — — (USA) visitors’s award 2014
—SPECTRUM 20- the best in contemporary fantastic art- — (USA) — GOLD AWARD dimensional category 2013
—SPECTRUM 19- the best in contemporary fantastic art- — (USA) — GOLD AWARD dimensional category 2012
—SPECTRUM 17- the best in contemporary fantastic art- — (USA) — SILVER AWARD dimensional category 2010
—PARIS CREATION- — (PARIS) — gold award, art doll category 2006
—PARIS CREATION- — (PARIS) – silver award, art doll category 2005

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