Claudia Raddi



Claudia Raddi

Краткая автобиография

Hi, I’m Claudia Raddi, born in Italy in 1979, I’ve always been attracted to everything related to art. I studied classical art at school in Florence and worked in the fashion world.
With my passion I managed to create a work that ranges from illustration to trompel’oil up to terracotta sculpture and from 2010 to the incredible world of polymer clay, paper clay and mix media.
I refined the technique with realistic sculptures and hyper-realistic portraits, until I felt ready to sculpt subjects with fantasy and surreal atmospheres, maintaining the fusion of many elegant and precious materials.
I love to paint and decorate the body of my creations with Swarovski, sewing, hand embroidery and create every little detail. I would like to transport the observer into a world made of bizarre sweetness.

Образование, награды, достижения

Graduated from the Art School of Florence Italy
5 Professional Doll Makers Art Guild Gold award master character and fantasy (USA)
1 Michelangelo doll award (Milan)
2 Dabida Hanne Sarris Doll Award (Netherlands)

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