Elisa Fenoglio



Elisa Fenoglio

Краткая автобиография

I live in Turin. I’m graduated in Scenography and Costume. My entrance into the italian arts world was immediate and important experience was gained in theatre, television and the cinema alongside some of the greatest directors and costume designers. I worked for the Greek Theatre of Syracuse, the Theatre in Taormina, for the TV RAI Centre for Production of Turin and for Mediaset television, for various film sets.
Over the past 17 years I have dedicated my time to drawing (I especially love making portraits in pencil and mix media), participating in prestigious exhibitions in Italy, Germany, Czech Republic and in USA (Chicago and Miami). Another of my great love is for costume, antique clothing from past epochs which offer themeselves to dolls in 1:12 miniature scale or OOAK sculptures which reconcile the passion I have in shaping and creating small human figures with the ability to create miniature clothes, where the choice of materials and the combination of colours are critical to the success of a good composition.
Versatile and curious, over the years I have dedicated my time to teaching, scolastic publishing (through both illustrations and correction and revision of textbooks published by Pearson Italy). Since three years I work as an iconographic researcher for Pearson Italy.
Since 2010 I craft the look of the italian annual Miniature Show “Miniaturitalia” through the creation of posters, advertisement posters and banners.
I also dedicated myself to the design of trademarks and logos of several companies and has patented some designs that have become lines of jewellery, both precious and fashion, and clothing (Svirgolini).

Образование, награды, достижения

I graduated from «Accademia Albertina» Fine Arts University of Turin, Italy, in 1997.
My goals in the dolls world are 7 Golden Awards of Professional Doll Makers Art Guild, 2 Dabida awards, 4 Colliii awards, 4 winning IADR contests and 1 Gaudir prize. I’m proud Master Member of Professional Doll Makers Art Guild, Master Member of UNIDIA and Igma Artisan.

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