Victoria Minenko

Victoria Minenko



Victoria Minenko


Brief autobiography

I was born and live in Kharkov, Ukraine.

At one time she graduated from the Kharkov National Agrarian University (KNAU) with a degree in land surveyor, but she did not have a chance to work in her specialty, her creative potential took its toll.

My next professions: graphic artist, make-up artist, florist-phytodesigner, I started working on the author's art doll in 2008. Since 2009, my puppet hobby has grown into an amazing, fabulous and beloved profession.

In 2010 she joined the International Association of Doll Authors (MOAK). She took an active part in various puppet exhibitions in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and far abroad.

Sometimes I write fairy tales and poems for my dolls. Favorite images: Angels, magical and fairy-tale characters who live nearby, but in worlds parallel to us.

My works can be seen in private collections in Russia, Ukraine, Slovenia, Italy. Germany, USA, Japan, Israel and other countries of the world.

Education, awards, achievements

* In 2011 Laureate of the award (1st place) Hannie Sarris of the European competition Dabida 2011 Award, doll "Time to drink tea"
* Winner (1st place) of the All-Russian competition "Precious Fantasies", the city of Barnaul, 2011 doll "Liel giving pearls".
* Winner of the competition "DOLL OF THE YEAR" 2011 "Graphic Solution", work "Zodiac Gemini".
* Winning the "DOLL OF THE YEAR -2011" Contest final. With the award of the title "PUPPET WORKS MASTER".
Since 2014 - the organizer and head of the international virtual competition of masters of the author's art doll.

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